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Have A Suggestion?

I encourage feedback and suggestions! If you have read a book you think I or anyone else would like to read please don't hesitate to share in the comment section of my posts!

Watership Down by Richard Adams

I found this book because a friend showed me a card in a bookstore she thought was funny. It had a small cartoon bunny holding a book called Watership Down with a horrified look on its face. She thought it was funny... Having never heard of the book I naturally didn't get it. Luckily for me I didn't just walk away. I asked what it was about and she explained to me it was a book about "bunnies who get into a war". While this is certainly part of the book it is far from the only part.

This book tells the story of a group of rabbits that are forced to find a new home. Along the way they make some new friends, and some enemies. One important thing to remember is that this is a children's story of sorts. Yes it has some heavy themes and tense moments but it is meant to be a fantasy adventure for older kids. Despite that I found was a fantastically written story that has introduced me to one of my favorite characters I have come across named Hazel. Hazel is the rabbit…