Science Left Behind by Alex Berezow and Hank Campbell

In a time where we are so divided as a nation on every topic it is important to look back and realize that whichever side you are on has flaws and extremes. The "left" loves to pile fact checking onto the "right" about everything from climate change to school lunches. But what if some of these topics aren't so black and white? What if the "facts" the progressive left are leaning on so heavily are not quite as science based as the media and we all think? These are the questions this book asks and also attempts to answer and it is a very intriguing read.

While at times the authors gloss over topics and simplify there are some pretty strong points made that everyone should read. The main idea remains however, that science doesn't care about your political leanings. It doesn't care if you believe something to be true of just have a squicky feeling about things like GMOs or big pharma. I want to point out that this book is not an attack on the political left or a vindication of the right. If that is your motivation for reading it then rethink why you feel that way. It simply points to some ideas that are held by progressives that are based in what it describes as "Feel-Good Fallacies". We all have them and if we can back up and really eximine the evidence we can all create real and lasting solutions to the problems our world faces.

Highly recommended, especially if you feel your side is morally right (which describes just about everyone).

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