American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I do not remember who recommended this book to me but when I heard about it I instantly wanted to read it. The gods are real? They're all going to all fight? HELL YES! Sounds awesome! Unfortunately, at least for me, most of the actual story was far less interesting (but keep reading).

We follow the a man named Shadow as he fulfill his promise to help and mysterious man named Mr. Wednesday. Along the way he meets some very interesting characters and finds himself in some interesting and precarious positions. I put this book down and picked it back up maybe 4 times before I could finish it. Now, this isn't to say it was bad, far from it. Neil Gaiman's writing is fantastic, the characters are interesting and their interactions are just as authentic and original as the story itself. The problem for me was that parts of the story seemed disjointed and far removed from the actual plot. It is almost like these asides are pigeonholed into the story more for the sake of their inclusion than true relevance.

Also, there are more than a few parts where I know I read the words but I couldn't tell you now what they said or how they relate to the overarching story. I still got to the end and everything fit which leaving me wondering what did I really miss? Some chapters I now know I could have skipped completely and still have not gotten lost.

On the other hand, the parts I really did like were absolutely fantastic and I couldn't stop reading. I found myself staying up late more than a couple of times to complete parts that were outstanding in both their story telling and the story itself. Again, it was usually easy to find the places where it was ok to go ahead and pause for the night.

I just want to wrap this up by saying that every book has lulls, that is just reality. No story is 100% perfect or 100% inthralling all the time. That isn't the issue here. My biggest problem while reading this was that, for me, the swings you normally find in action and pacing in any story were far greater here than in others I have read. Honestly even how I perceived the story varied wildly from day to day, and even chapter to chapter. Writing this and all through out reading American Gods I am not sure if I like the book... I do know I like the characters. I know I want to know more about this world. I am also 100% comfortable recommending it to others to read for themselves. Just don't worry if you end up falling asleep during some of the slower parts and dreaming of some pretty weird shit.

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