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Have A Suggestion?

I encourage feedback and suggestions! If you have read a book you think I or anyone else would like to read please don't hesitate to share in the comment section of my posts!

Science Left Behind by Alex Berezow and Hank Campbell

In a time where we are so divided as a nation on every topic it is important to look back and realize that whichever side you are on has flaws and extremes. The "left" loves to pile fact checking onto the "right" about everything from climate change to school lunches. But what if some of these topics aren't so black and white? What if the "facts" the progressive left are leaning on so heavily are not quite as science based as the media and we all think? These are the questions this book asks and also attempts to answer and it is a very intriguing read.

While at times the authors gloss over topics and simplify there are some pretty strong points made that everyone should read. The main idea remains however, that science doesn't care about your political leanings. It doesn't care if you believe something to be true of just have a squicky feeling about things like GMOs or big pharma. I want to point out that this book is not an attack on the poli…

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I do not remember who recommended this book to me but when I heard about it I instantly wanted to read it. The gods are real? They're all going to all fight? HELL YES! Sounds awesome! Unfortunately, at least for me, most of the actual story was far less interesting (but keep reading).

We follow the a man named Shadow as he fulfill his promise to help and mysterious man named Mr. Wednesday. Along the way he meets some very interesting characters and finds himself in some interesting and precarious positions. I put this book down and picked it back up maybe 4 times before I could finish it. Now, this isn't to say it was bad, far from it. Neil Gaiman's writing is fantastic, the characters are interesting and their interactions are just as authentic and original as the story itself. The problem for me was that parts of the story seemed disjointed and far removed from the actual plot. It is almost like these asides are pigeonholed into the story more for the sake of their inclu…

Nights Master by Tanith Lee

This was one of the first books fiction I actually physically read cover to cover. It is a wonderful adventure that follows a demon named Azhrarn. This book is broken into three parts each telling a different but very loosely connected story about his dealings with humans in the world.

At times complex but always fascinating and rich this story sucked me in and I could not put it down. If you like fantasy fiction I highly recommend this book!

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